Thursday, November 29, 2012

S Family {Ashland Family Portraits}

We braved the cold and the drizzly rain for this family photo shoot. Their little guy was such a good sport.

SHM_6862SHM_6879 copySHM_6876SHM_6898SHM_6936SHM_6907SHM_6919SHM_6942SHM_6945SHM_6949SHM_6960SHM_6965SHM_6966SHM_6968SHM_6977SHM_6981SHM_6982SHM_6988SHM_6996SHM_7009SHM_7015SHM_7018SHM_7029SHM_7043SHM_7046SHM_7050


  1. I love these, and the candid portrait are especially sweet. The leaves look amazing too! And I think my favorites are of the baby laying in the leaves. So sweet!

  2. They turned out so great! I never would've known you had bad weather. Super cute!